Sonata fibroid ablation is analogous to cooking a Jacket potato in a Microwave
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Imagine treating fibroids is like cooking a jacket potato in a microwave, but instead of using heat to cook a potato, doctors now have a new way to treat fibroids using a technology called “Sonata Radiofrequency Ablation.”

Sonata: Microwave-Inspired Fibroid Treatment

Just like a microwave emits controlled waves of energy to heat your potato evenly, Sonata treatment uses radiofrequency energy to treat fibroids inside your uterus. Here’s how it works:

Preparation: Just as you prepare your potato, doctors will prepare you for the procedure. They will ensure you’re comfortable and may provide anaesthesia or pain relief.

Guiding the Probe: In cooking, you put the potato on a microwave-safe plate. In Sonata treatment, doctors insert a thin probe through your vagina and guide it to the fibroids using ultrasound for precision.

Radiofrequency Energy: In your microwave, energy waves gently heat your potato from the inside out. With Sonata treatment, the probe delivers radiofrequency energy to the fibroids, causing them to heat up. This controlled heat shrinks and destroys the fibroid tissue.

Monitoring: Just as you keep an eye on your potato to avoid overcooking, doctors closely monitor the procedure using ultrasound to ensure the right areas are treated.

Healing: After the procedure, your body gradually absorbs the treated fibroid tissue, similar to letting your potato cool a bit before eating.

Sonata Radiofrequency Ablation Advantages

The advantage of Sonata Radiofrequency Ablation is that it’s minimally invasive, often an outpatient procedure, and allows you to preserve your uterus while effectively treating fibroids. It’s like cooking that perfect jacket potato – precise, controlled, and with a great outcome!

Mahantesh Karoshi
Mahantesh Karoshi

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