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Our gynaecology clinic provides the most up-to-date women’s health services, including outpatient hysteroscopy. Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows our doctors to examine the inside of the uterus. It typically takes a few minutes to complete, and the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

There are various benefits of hysteroscopy, like the power to identify and treat countless uterine disorders without the need for traditional surgery. This technique is also more convenient for patients because there is no need for an overnight hospital stay.

The healing time is short, and patients can resume their daily activities shortly after the procedure. Our clinic’s staff of expert gynaecologists in the UK uses cutting-edge technology to perform outpatient hysteroscopy, assuring the best quality of care.

  • Comprehensive Diagnosis
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Cutting edge technology
Outpatient hysteroscopy Benefits
Benefits Icons
Short recovery time
Benefits Icons
Less expensive
Benefits Icons
More convenient
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Improved diagnostic accuracy
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Minimal discomfort
Preparation for outpatient hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure that allows doctors to view the inside of a woman’s uterus to detect abnormalities or issues. Outpatient hysteroscopy is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you can return home on the same day.

We recommend you follow these steps to prepare for an outpatient hysteroscopy:

  • Inform your doctor of medications you take over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements daily. Some patients may need to discontinue before the procedure.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight the day before your procedure. This step helps you reduce the risk of nausea and vomiting.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing on the day of your procedure. You will also need to remove the jewellery and leave your belongings at home or with a family member or friend.
  • Arrange a drive back home after the procedure. You will not be able to drive your car due to the effects of the anaesthesia.
Essential Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare instructions following an outpatient hysteroscopy procedure are critical in ensuring a smooth and speedy recovery. Here are some aftercare instructions for patients following an outpatient hysteroscopy.

  • Rest and relaxation

    We recommend our patients to take rest for the first 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. Avoid engaging in strenuous physical activity and get plenty of rest.

  • Pain management

    Some patients may experience mild cramping or discomfort after the procedure. Our doctors prescribe over-the-counter pain relievers to help you manage these symptoms.

  • Intercourse and tampons

    Patients should avoid having sexual intercourse for at least one week following the procedure. Avoid tampons during this time, and instead, use sanitary pads.

  • Hydration

    It’s crucial to stay hydrated after the procedure, and patients should drink plenty of water to help flush out residual anaesthesia.

  • Follow-up appointments

    Patients should attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with their doctor to monitor their progress and address their concerns.

Follow these aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth and successful recovery after an outpatient hysteroscopy procedure. We provide you with additional guidance and support throughout the recovery process.

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